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GREE the world’s largest air conditioner enterprise incorporated research and development (R&D), manufacturing, marketing and services.


About Us

Sri Lanka's leading air conditioning product

Since its inception Usama Engineering Pvt Limited has been determined to understand clearly and provide its relevant solutions to the discerning needs of the 21st century clients. The company was founded on 17th July 2001, with a strong determination to serve the best in air conditioning. The company has expanded its product offerings as well and today stands as the proud pioneer agent of “GREE Air Conditioners”.

Gree Air Condition is Sri Lanka's leading air conditioning product. We offer a wide variety of stylish, contemporary and energy-efficient room air conditioners for both residential as well as commercial applications. Our technical team is fully equipped in handling the Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of all Gree products and also bring its technical expertise and End to End Service capability to provide higher quality of indoor living. Each product is an amazing feat in its own, delivering years of quiet operation, energy-efficient performance and minimum impact on the environment. We are present right from understanding the customer requirement to hassle-free project execution and committed after-sales service i.e. throughout the life cycle of the air conditioning system.


We offer the most appropriate

At Usama Engineering our team of highly trained and experienced management, admin staff and field technicians are well equipped to provide you with the service and finished product which you expect. Our stringent quality policy has been formulated and refined to give our customers complete confidence and peace of mind, knowing that the entire team at Usama Engineering will ensure that our high standards of service, product supply and maintenance management are always adhered to. Our expertise and flexibility is demonstrated from the time of initial contact, through the installation process and continued professional after sales service.


We deliver quality and service

Our honest, completely transparent process begins with us truly listening to the client. From there, we partner with them to find their ideal solutions.

Air Conditioning Services

  • Multi storey office buildings
  • Commercial offices
  • Factories
  • Fast food outlets
  • Shops
  • Residences

Our technicians have the experience and expertise to successfully complete all types of Commercial and Industrial work.

Air conditioning Maintenance & Repairs

We provide maintenance and repairs to a variety of facilities, ranging from landmark buildings with central plant and fulltime presence on site to smaller industrial and commercial buildings. The company operates a team of Service Technicians that are fully qualified and experienced in all facets of their field.

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42A, Hospita Road, Dehiwela.

TEL- 0114802217, 0112738598

COOL LINE- 0112 71 70 71

FAX - 0114 20 22 16

EMAIL - sales@greeairconditioners.lk